Many people ask me about feng shui and love and if feng shui can help their marriage. My answer will always be, yes and no. I believe that if you really want an answer to that question then, you should hire a professional feng shui consultant together with marriage consultant, But, what if you can’t afford right now this service? Then you should read this.

Consider the pathways you create inside your home, as well. Your chi should not have a straight shot from the front door out the back; you must provide a winding path by which your chi may flow gently throughout your home. Furniture arrangement plays a large part in this, so take care the next time you re-arrange your living room! Again, keep pathways winding, and try to break up straight lines. Positioning your couch and chairs at slight angles, towards each other, will enhance the conversation chi in a living room. Straight lines allow chi to zip right through, leaving no positive energy to settle in, and maybe even dragging some out with it!

To use the Bagua, you need to place the Bagua grid on the floor of the office. Next, you need to shift all the feng shui items elements that are to be placed in your office to the appropriate positions so as to enhance these areas in your life. In laying out your office, examine the Bagua and pay attention to all the areas. This is because there should be a balance between all the areas in your life. This will keep the energy flowing into your work place and bring about almost all the things that you wish for.

If time or money is in short supply you could consider bath oils, a fragrant candle, incense sticks, a fluffy bath robe or towels, a meditation CD, yoga mat or session of remedial massage. Or you could turn their negative energy into positive energy through exercise. A punching bag and gloves new running shoes sweat band gym bag soccer ball/basketball/football or feng shui items swimsuit will get their body moving.

If you keep your office area uncluttered and clean, it will help you think more clearly and keep your mind clear too. This will increase your productivity and help you to grow faster and allow you to earn more profits and money.

There are three ways to create a PERSONAL sanctuary to escape life’s every day hassles. Creating an inner sanctuary (i.e. your happy place) and then creating a space within your home for a personal sanctuary (i.e. in the bath or in your bedroom) were detailed. The final place you can create a sanctuary is in any outdoor space (i.e. a garden, patio, and balcony) where you can find some quiet and privacy.

Following these tips can at least help you create the kind of feng shui you want for your own work space. If you believe that you cannot do anything much with the bad energy going around in your shared office, then you must make sure you have all the positive energy you need at home. This will help you cope with everything you need to face at work.