It’s twenty degrees outside, you’ve just put on one of your scrub jackets to warm up at work, and the extra cup of coffee doesn’t seem to kick in. We’ve all had days at work where you have to reach deep within yourself to keep focused. But the next time you find yourself counting the hours until you will be home asleep in your pajamas, play one of the songs on the playlist below for an instant energy boost; or get inspired and make a special motivational playlist of your very own.

Steve Holy’s “Love Don’t Run” is a song about a couple who wants to keep their relationship working and that need to talk about everything and try to sort things out. Even though the artist has not had any great hits during his career this song might soundtrack be it.

There are some cases where completely deconstructing the original version of a cover, and barely replacing it at all can be cool, but I think when starting to work out your cover songs, it’ll be to your benefit to find some piece of the original to hold on to, as a reference point for your listeners.

Thriller by Michael Jackson – Who doesn’t feel like dancing when Thriller comes on the radio? Remember the zombies dressed in loose-fitting, dark-colored pants that might double as scrubs pants. This song will get you out of your chair and moving for a few eight counts and might even inspire a few coworkers to follow suit.

So, if you want your life’s soundtrack to be filled with more fulfilling songs, you must begin singing them. Doing this is easier than you might think. You can begin looking for things you love in your life right now. Find words of gratitude and make them your daily lyrics.

‘Teenagers’ was the last thing you would expect from MCR. An upbeat alternative rock tune with a 12 bar blues feel doesn’t appear very often, let alone go platinum. But the catchy sing along feel is in stark contrast to some subversive and controversial lyrics. The lyrics touch on gun crime “what you’ve got under your shirt. Will make them pay for the things they’ve done” and authoritarianism “They’re gonna clean up your looks, With all the lies in the books… So they can watch all the things you do” etc. Not the norm for a top 30 hit but then, that’s My Chemical Romance!

‘Famous Last Words’ begins with the tension of a ticking bomb. Building up to a face melting guitar riff before finally kicking into a driving chorus. The refrain “I am not afraid to keep on living” is enough to inspire the most broken of souls.

The Youth Group’s third album shimmers and shines with all the notes properly fixed to its right place. It is considered a great album to search out the band more. It is great to spare a time to listen to their music.