Local churches that have a vibrant music program. Just a few minutes talking with the music director/organist should give an idea of how they look after the piano.

A piano’s action (the mechanism that propels the hammers when the keys are struck) is quite intricate. The action has thousands SQL tuning of parts all of which are adjusted and built to very fine tolerances. One key that has a slight variance in its action will cause that key to perform differently, affecting the proficiency of ones touch and musical dynamics. Better felts will not wear as quickly as those in cheaply made felt/leather. Further, better quality woods used in the action will contract and expand causing alignment problems and again affecting one’s dynamic control.

Once you have found a niche you think is hungry for a certain product or service then search on Google for “your niche affiliate program”. So in the example above it would be “datsun 240z affiliate program”.

Here’s the good news. All you need to do is implement service strategies that are the exact opposite, of you competitors. In earlier articles I explained how adults are so easily tricked and how we like to complicate things. I’m sure you know by now that I’m not into these airy fairy complex strategies that people like to dazzle you with. These approaches may sound great, but they don’t work. I’ve done the things that work. Hopefully you will implement the same. Later on you’ll tailor an action plan for your business. When you implement these strategies your business will soar to new heights, if you don’t you will crash and burn. The crashing and burning has already started!

Seeing as I had already paid and was this far down the line I decided to give them the chance to rectify their initial efforts. They agreed to make the required changes and re-submit. After another months tuning services I received the straw that broke the camels back’. They just got it so wrong! I was then told that if I wanted any more changes then I would have to pay more. I was furious! They had over promised and under delivered in every way and they had the cheek to ask for more cash. This was where I pulled the plug on them and their amateur, unprofessional outfit!

The purpose of the snare wires on the snare drum is to rattle when the bottom head vibrates from the impact of striking the drum. That’s what gives the snare drum its sound, but it can also produce unwanted sympathetic vibrations. For example, if a tom is tuned close to the pitch of the snare and it is also positioned close to the snare, striking the tom may cause the snares to rattle excessively.

A grand piano is a delicate instrument that is pleasing to the ears and the eyes. It is also a huge investment that must be cared for and maintained properly and with professional skilled hands. If you follow the tips above, your investment will be around for years to come. You can pass it down to your children along with all the wonderful memories that are attached to it.