When we think about a vacation, we often think that we need to spend a lot of money to enjoy every bit of it. We then go to different places and amusement parks to have fun. However, the problem is our pockets go empty.

They enjoyed the “main drag” on Jost Van Dyke. They decorated and hung a pair of underwear at Foxy’s; Tori had her hair braided and beaded at the beauty shop; Kacey was introduced to Ting ( a carbonated grapefruit drink) at Abe’s By The Sea; and played with Annie’s new puppy.

Do you roll over balances on more than one credit card? If so, you have an opportunity to free up some best way to earn air miles cash. Start paying the minimum payment on the card with the higher balance. Then pay as much as you can afford on the card with the lower balance. Once you pay off the lower balance completely, you have one fewer monthly payment to make each month. The amount that you were paying to the lower balance card can be split between the other credit account and your vacation savings account.

Look for part-time work on-line such as completing surveys or writing product reviews. Such activities can increase the amount of money that you have to play around with.

Vacation allows you to heal up. You become very sensitive to pain. The nice calmness that vacation mode brings over you can turn to turbulence very quickly.

People often leave things like this at home because they want to be stylish on vacation. Stylish is great but if your body hurts, it’s going to want the comforts it’s accustomed to.

The whole point of vacation is to take a break from work, not to have thoughts and messages from work mixing in with your sweet, creamy Pina Coladas or daring sky diving lessons. Leave the laptop behind, don’t check voice mail, and don’t call the office. Change your outgoing phone messages and set up an auto reply on email to make sure everyone knows you’re not available until your return date. This is your time to put yourself first and have a happy vacation! BTW, that’s what I’ll be doing over the next couple weeks. Look for my next column at the end of the month.