Almost by instinct, we all primp in the morning and want to look out best when we are out in public. The reason is because we want to make good first impressions. Building signs provide your first impression for hundreds of pairs of eyes that drive by your company location.

Not only are they easier to see, but they offer a large amount of credibility. Think about how classy and nice an LED neon looks. Now think about that in contrast to a wooden sign or even a neon sign. There is just no comparison. When a person buys from you they are buying because of the total value you have presented to them. With a great sign you are showing them you are a real business and can provide them with quality.

To be honest, there was a girl who was a Brick House bombshell, with a sensational eye-popping figure, judging by the collective stares of the men in the audience, but the dear bombshell appeared dumb as a bag of hammers! (She wasn’t, just shy.) I was pretty adept at stringing a sentence together, and she fumbled over her name. Since they wanted a kind of spokesmodel winner, I won.

When you display the time and temperature on your LED signs you are programming the thousands of people who pass your business everyday to look at your sign to get the that info! Everyone wants to know what time it is and what the temperature is. They can’t help but look, even if they already know! While they are waiting for that info they are reading your sales messages.

The gratitude I acquired through this great loss was like a tsunami wave that tossed me into an angry ocean. It forced me to pray to the sun and stars to guide me back to land. Not knowing how to swim (literally), I doggy paddled my way back to shore, insanely exhausted from the journey.

An even more beautiful option is formed metal letters. We go with aluminum which is light, durable and most important, rust free. Enamel sets up beautifully on these signs and looks terrific. In the way of lighted signs, neon and LED lighting are the two big options. Sign Clemente almost never installs neon these days, although we have installed lots of neon signs all over Orange County.

Customising your car does not necessarily mean that you can have any lighting you want or any paint you will apply. You have to also consider your safety and that of the other drivers as well.