Tea tree oil has long been used to treat a variety of different problems such as acne, cuts, burns, dandruff, ringworm and infections. This oil can be found in many different products such as shampoo, lotions, creams, soaps and moisturizers. It is quite popular because of its healing proprieties. This oil is made in Australia and is also known as the Melaleuca oil. A plant native to Australia called the Melaleuca Alternifolia, was used in the process of steam distillation to produce the tea tree oil.

Some consider tea tree oil to be Mother Nature’s perfect acne remedy. It destroys the P-acne bacteria on contact, and with it, one of the main culprits in acne pimple formation. And, it does it without the adverse side effects that accompany the active ingredients used in most over-the-counter acne treatments (ie: benzoil peroxide).

Anytime I get a whitehead on my face, I apply a small amount of the oil on a cotton ball and then dab that on the whitehead 2 times. Within 24 hours the whitehead vanishes almost every time.

It’s Uses In Infants – It is not recommended that you use tea tree oils as thrush treatment for infants because of its potential toxicity. In normal cases, an infant’s oral thrush would usually clear up within a couple of weeks. If after this period you still notice it lingering, you need to seek professional medical advice.

www.tea-tree-oil.eu/nl/ is a great natural moisturizer treatment for the hair and scalp. Mixing a few drops of oil with almond oil or other light carrier oil, and massaging into your scalp will unblock the sebaceous oil producing glands. Eliminating bacteria, yeast and fungal problems from the scalp such as dandruff and eliminating built up oil and dirt. Antifungal properties tea tree will kill these nasty growths, eliminating the dandruff problems. The opened, unblocked glands will naturally produce oils that keep the scalp and hair moisturized.

The trick is that not all tea tree oils are the same. First, we have to talk about the concentration. It is natural to think that using the undiluted form for acne treatment is good, because you can kill more bacteria faster. Unfortunately, Italian doctors have found that 6% of these patients suffer from skin irritation. Compared to this, only 1 in 725 patients using the 1% solution had allergic reactions.

Apply a lubricant to a top half of a tampon. Then add a few drops of the oil on the tampon and insert into your vagina. The lubricant prevents the tampon from absorbing the oil.

Okay you can clear up your acne symptoms, stop a toothache even take care of congestion in the lungs with tea tree oil. But what you need to ask is does the oil treat the causes of acne, treating the symptoms of acne is not the same as curing the cause of your acne. The facts are if you want to be rid of your acne you need to treat the whole complete body, so what do you do….