In the Charleston, SC real estate market, the year 2010 may be remembered as the year of the short sales. You won’t find an area or price range that isn’t affected by this particular type of listing. Realtors in the local market started taking notice of short sales in 2009, when many buyers sought these out after hearing that they were a good deal. However, many Realtors are now predicting that the year 2010 will see the rise and the fall of short sales, since so many Charleston buyers have given up on this type of sale that really was too good to be true.

Given these reasons, of course the best time to ask for a house inspection is before putting it on the market. You will then be able to set a more precise price on your property.

6) Landscape – Cut and edge lawn. Make sure you can see house trim over grown shrubs, trees add mulch to all planter areas and add flowers for color. Remove any dead or dying plants. Areas with no grass such as under shade tree add much for better appearance.

After the offer is accepted by the seller, it is wiser to hire a home inspector. The Palm Springs home inspector will see to it if the home is good enough and doesn’t have any structural problem at all. The factors that should be inspected by the home inspector are mold, rot, plumbing, wiring issues and so on. If the home inspector find major problem, you can lower your offer or ask your seller to do the repair. But if in case the seller insisted to do the repair, and can just move on and look for another home.

Seller’s Market – You’ll know that you’re in a seller’s market when the number of buyers is a lot higher compared to the inventory. In this kind of marketplace, the majority of houses are sold. One of the signs you should lookout for to know that you’re in a hot market: the inventory has remained for a period of below six months.

Installing a bar in a home’s basement is a popular and enjoyable form of home improvement. Designing ones own bar as well as designing anything on ones own can be a labor of love as a person watches their creation take shape. No matter how it is done, a bar is a great home improvement.

Remember, by finding and dealing with unpleasant surprises now, you can prevent headaches and unnecessary expenditures for yourself or a prospective home buyer later on. If your home inspector gives you bad news, he’s doing you a favor. Don’t feel insulted. Take it in stride and, if you own the home, promptly correct anything that can be corrected.