Buying your first home? Not sure what the difference is between a variable rate and a fixed rate mortgage? Do you understand the true cost of borrowing? Keep reading for 7 invaluable mortgage tips that are critical for any first time home buyer.

When all these items are done, and meet your approval, we will remove the contingencies and we “coast to the close.” Your buyer’s agent will be available for you at all times during this process. I know you’ve heard stories about agents that disappear as soon as you sign an offer, but the great agents will always be there to help you through any hiccups that come along. They want you to find the home buying experience an easy, stress free one. And once you close escrow and have moved into your new home, they want that stress free feeling to continue… most agents ensure that you have a home warranty on your new home.

Protect and promote their clients best interests. A good Realtor knows what the client’s wants and needs are. For example, a good Realtor will know what a client can afford in a home payment and will not put anyone in a home that they cannot afford or will have trouble making their mortgage payment. They will also make sure that their client has got Palm Springs home inspector done on their potential house to ensure they made a good buy.

Also, ask them about their home inspection reports. What kind of report is the inspector going to provide you at the end of the inspection? Does this report include photographs of potential problems? It should!

Last time we sold our home, we went through several agents that didn’t work out, whether it was from lackadaisical marketing to something as inexcusable as misspelling the name of our subdivision AND getting our address wrong. I had seen an agent’s name around town on billboards, and was thinking this guy must be doing pretty good if he can afford a billboard. Other agents scoffed at the notion, referring to this agent as a “snake”….having worked in sales myself, I knew the term “snake” was usually applied by other salesmen to refer to somebody with an inordinate amount of drive. A go getter. Somebody who made the other salespeople look like they were standing still.

Try a schedule like that. Now, try to picture all of this gone. Can you imagine a world where an agent shows a buyer 20 and 30 homes, and they don’t buy or even with great credit the lender turns them down?

So remember, while the listing agent may be a wonderful person, it is his or her job to sell that property, at all costs. Be sure to use your intuition and business savvy to make sure that it is the right one for you.