Over the past 4 years, I have dedicated an undetermined amount of time studying the meaning of success. Five hundred interviews, a hundred books, a couple dozen seminars, and several trial and error projects have taught me a lot – but never come close to revealing what the true ‘secret of success’ is. And chasing the proverbial ‘success’ for many people can cause a great deal of stress.

Billionaires are confident go-getters who will not hesitate to put in a16 hour day to achieve their goals. No obstacle can stop them acquiring wealth. If there is anything is putting a barrier they are ready to learn the new craft; go round the mountain or swim across the river to get to their desired destination.

They take massive action. Many Youngest Billionaires In The World get so caught up in what they’re trying to achieve they become obsessed and start working all night and day on their projects. They don’t just start small and work on it “here and there.” They pour every spare waking moment into the work they do. He and his team would sometimes go on 35 hour straight coding binges. Starbucks empire captain, Howard Schultz went door to door in the richest parts of Washington State, actively looking for investors for his newly bought coffee company. Now that’s massive action!

Brian Tracy, renowned world class speaker and multi millionaire said that there is nothing that would make you more unhappy than to realize that there is somebody dumber then you earning more money than you.

This Youngest Billionaires group of people takes pride and love investing. They are aware that expenses reduce their investing power and so cut this to the bear minimum. Their high level of discipline causes them to live within their means.

Success in any endeavor comes through repetition. This leads to habits. Billionaires have habits that make it far much easier for them to be wealthy than ordinary people. It means that if you follow their habits to the letter, you have a 74 % chance of being wealthy.

Of course, once you’ve had your fill of loose women, your third wife has left you, and your yacht is safely moored, you can relieve some stress by going to the casino where chips apparently come in denominations of 250,000 euros. And all this is going on while a third of the world is on or below the poverty line, and the other two thirds are struggling with a global recession started by many of these people who are now sunning themselves on luxury yachts. Does anyone know who devised this system? I’d like to shake his hand. Now I know why we never have alien visitations. They must die laughing at us long before they get here!