It is stress-free to bring any old concrete patio, slab, driveway, or deck back into a marvelous existence with a little hard work and stain. You can pick a wide diversity of colors, design, styles, textures, and imprints for concrete stains from a humble battleship grey on the back patio to an ultra-high luster for that unique super garage or man cave.

If you have a pair of suede shoes or a suede jacket that needs a little refreshing try dipping a sponge in a little vinegar and wiping down the suede. It will freshen the cloth as good as new.

Grade Level and Bulkheads. You should grade the patio area so that it falls away from the house, but remains straight from side to side. Any side of the patio that doesn’t touch your home foundation should have a bulkhead that keeps the sand from washing out from under your stepping-stones or pavers. A pressure treated wood board works well for this purpose. Use at least a 2″ x 6″ for the bulkhead, as this will allow a portion to be below ground to keep the sand from leaching out. The top of the bulkhead from the bare ground should be 2″ plus the thickness of the paver or stepping-stone.

You don’t have to be a famous artist like Monet or Picasso to create art. Your kids can create simple art on a grand scale by using the sidewalk or Premier Tucson Concrete as their canvas. Give the kids some wash-away paints or colored chalk and turn them loose outdoors to make a mural. Crayola even has a new 3-D chalk to try. Make it a family event and encourage everyone to add some of their creative talents to the masterpiece. Be sure to photograph the process and finished product before it gets washed away, either by rain or mom and the garden hose.

Whenever you are working with an appliance, it is a good idea to turn off the power to the unit before you begin maintenance. With water heaters it is important to turn off the power for obvious safety reasons. However, if your heater turns on while the water level is low the heating element may quickly burn out as well.

In some cases using a concrete patio cost broom to lightly brush the tops of the “stones” will add additional texture and can be at your discretion as to how rough you want your stones to be in the end. Have some fun with it.

Work with a screed to stage the top concrete, sliding the screed across the the top of form boards. Draw the screed from one end for the other, drawing off extra cement.

These are just some of the advantages of growing a garden in your home. Talk to a licensed landscaper today and see for yourself if a garden is right for you and your family.