David Chaney and his team in North Carolina developed the first notable artificial turf in 1960. Since then synthetic grass has increased greatly in popularity. Today with research and development, artificial grass is very safe and there is a wide variety, some reasonably priced and others very expensive. Today whatever fake grass variety you need, there is a manufacturer that will supply it.

C. Can be easily used in roof gardens as it is lightweight. If your rooftop is unable to support the weight of a normal garden then this is the best option.

Ok, so you’ve requested a sample from a supplier, and let your imagination run wild to picture how it will look in your garden. Maybe you’re now thinking that Artificial Grass is for you. But to really seal the deal though, you would like someone’s comments to tell you whether the service or product is actually worth buying.

Save Time, Save Money. Artificial grass is particularly economical. No more mowing or weeding. No more pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. No having to water your lawn. Many people do not have the time to maintain a lawn as they work all day long. Older people may not have the energy or desire to continually attend to the upkeep of their grass. Having to employ labor to assist in this chore is costly. Many avid gardeners love to attend to their plants, flowers and beds but consider the lawn a nuisance. Artificial lawn requires none of these costly undertakings and eliminates the bother of maintenance.

There are many types of these grasses available for golf courses as a golf course may use co nhan tao san bong on their teeing areas as well as putting greens. One such fake grass available is called putting green and this was specifically designed for commercial golf course use. This grass is made of curled polyamide, comes in the color olive and has a pile height of 15 mm.

Depending on the landscape it can be practically impossible to find the perfect real grass option that is also low-maintenance. Natural grass requires watering, mowing, weeding, and so on, which means you know what you will be doing some weekends! Fake turf is a low-maintenance option that will look great any time of the year. You will no longer need all your lawn equipment and you can spend your weekends enjoying your lawn instead of working on it.

With Christmas fast approaching what your buying for the children this year could also determine how you view your lawn in the years to come. Climbing frames and trampolines are always popular and of course end up on the lawn. Any trampolines left on the lawn will result in it dying off. With climbing frames and trampolines there is also the safety impact to consider.

All fake grasses can be used in commercial and domestic areas and are safe for pets. All fake turf should be tested to BS4790 a safety standard and should not be flammable.