In the past month, I have been traveling extensively and it seems to me as though that is not going to stop any time in the near future. The reason, very simply, is the lousy state of real estate. What is interesting is that my Simple Appeal method is quickly gaining nationwide recognition, because, at the risk of sound arrogant, it works.

Buyers shop with logic, but buy on emotion. Ever done that? Bought something you hadn’t planned on or that property staging wasn’t precisely what you set out to buy? We all have. House hunters can become very emotionally attached to a home they have connected with on some level.

Hall furniture shows the buyer its true size. A simple console table for your telephone and maybe a small chest is all that is needed. If you have room for seat or bench in your hall, then that will also be a benefit. Hall furniture should not make the hall look smaller, but you can use the decor to make it appear larger.

There are companies that are capable of providing better service even if they do not have the years and excellent rating that others have. It is best to check out as many options as possible. Do not opt for the first flat staging management that you see or is referred to you.

Although it has a lot to do with preparing the property for sale, it is not what defines home staging. This takes place after all the repairs, cleaning, renovations and changes on the property have been made. It is about completing the look of the property and presenting it to the market. It is like what a woman does after she goes out of the shower and prepares herself for a long awaited date.

To sum this all up, I’ll give a quick example to clarify all of these points. I was recently shown photos of a property had been on the market, but didn’t sell. It was a beautiful, custom house in a prime location with a seven figure price tag to support it. It had been staged, but there were several problems.

Home staging’s ultimate purpose is to get more buyers into your home to sell it faster. Buyers understand what a home consists of, but your home needs to keep buyers interested in leaving an offer on the table. One way to keep buyers interested in your home is to make it more desirable than their current home. Showing your home to the public is a shot in the dark, but if you want buyers to see the light in your home you need to open up your eyes to a process that can change the way your home is seen by buyers.