People often underestimate the importance of product photography and make cut backs. They do this by either hiring an amateur photographer, or searching for the cheapest photography studio they can find. This no doubt reflects in the photography, and therefore will also reflect in the appearance of the product to consumers.

Indoor photography – This happens inside the church (or other religious building) or in certain indoor venue. The wedding ceremony and even reception may happen indoors and photos be taken as the ceremony goes on.

But with exhibits of your Washington DC event photographers, you are there by “invitation” – or at least that’s what most people believe to be the case. This means the location where you are exhibiting is giving their approval of, and respect for what you do. This is a very powerful psychological marketing tool.

Sometimes photographs are not enough to tell the whole story. Very old antique family pictures with no written records inspire us to wonder who these people were, how they lived, what they felt, and what was important to them. Pictures are all that is left of them. When all the people who knew and loved them are no longer living, even their memories are gone. That makes the image all the more important in the lives of those who possess it.

Benefit Race Photos. I photographed pre-race, race course, finish line and awards for a local race that benefited the agency in #4 above. I posted the images for sale on my gallery and shared the revenues with the agency. The images were also released to the nonprofit for them to use in event photography marketing and promotion. This also led to getting more sports work for another sporting event, which will result in additional visibility and revenue.

Next you will want to research and start relationships with the vendors you will need. Labs, album suppliers, frame supplies, etc. If you aren’t sure where to start, pick up a photography magazine from the local newsstand. You will find MANY advertisements for vendors. Try them out – many will even send you free samples.

Consider the future potential of your niche. Photography is always changing and it can take a lot to keep up with the pace. Are you willing to give what it takes in your niche. People will always expect more and if you are able to give it it them you will a solid photography business. As always you will need to take action on the photography information that you read to make a difference.