In this article are WordPress tutorials used to troubleshoot a number of bugs and or problems one might encounter when using WordPress specifically when using the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

Scroll down some more to comments and pings and turn off “Allow Comments” so you won’t see a user comment box. I want my site to look like a static site so I don’t need commenting. If you want also un-check Allow Pings. It is up to you. I always un-check both.

I encourage you to take action and get a blog going TODAY. You can be blogging like a superstar in less than an hour. wordpress website erstellen makes it possible, and it’s the perfect solution for everybody.

The major benefit of WordPress is that it’s a complete Content Management System. No matter how large your blog grows, WordPress will manage it for you. WordPress also has many plugins which will extend the functionality of your blog.

First of all, it should be noted that the background of the default wordpress tutorial page uses header (kubrickheader.jpg) and footer (kubrickfooter.jpg) graphics. These graphics are not filled with a solid color, as in the Jakob design, but with gradients. There also appears to be a very small drop shadow under the page.

There’s this propaganda that since Google owns Blogger, they tend to favor Blogger accounts. I won’t say that this is illogical, but from my experience, there’s no such favoritism.

For me, it’s like having my very own WordPress mentor with me 24/7 only he’ll never get tired of me asking the same old questions over & over, I simply replay whatever video clip I want, when I want. I don’t even have to worry about keeping up with changes in the world of Blog; I know Brandon will cover them in his monthly video updates.