Buying a gift for one person is hard enough, buying for a couple can seem close to impossible. It’s hard to find something that both people will enjoy without buying two separate gifts. While there are several gifts that can pass as “couple worthy,” they often lack that personal touch that you search for in a gift. Don’t waste your entire day scrutinizing over gift after gift coming home with something less than perfect. Use these tips to find the perfect give the new couple will love!

There is over 60 miles of beautiful beaches, world class dining and live shows. It is home to several ocean front state parks that offer nature walks and scenic trails. Once the sun sets, the entertainment options are almost unlimited. You can find live shows, night clubs and dance featuring shag, swing, tango and much more. Live bands can be found playing rhythm and blues, pop, rock and country at a host of various night spots.

You might think that you have to stay local since your trailer doesn’t have much room for supplies. However, you can pull up to a local Wal-Mart and restock at any time. Once you reach your campsite, you can unhitch and drive off in your car to purchase more supplies.

A6: Making people’s dreams comes true. It’s a pleasure working with clients who are full of happiness and joy because who can be upset with the notion of going on vacation or planning a wedding?

Nancy Finn, Founder of Island getaways in Ipswich began on her successful journey more than 18 years ago. From her home office in south eastern Wisconsin, Nancy and husband Tom have created a vacation and wedding planning empire that has secured a number of worldwide awards, including the Sandals “Best of the Best Agency Worldwide” and Couples Resorts “Platinum Agency” highest status, Sandal’s Presidential award, Sandals/Beaches Top 10 Agency Award, Top Butler Suite Agency, and Top Home Based Agency.

As a hard-working citizen myself who diligently pays my taxes (even though I’m cynical if it being put into the best use), I have sort of diagnosed myself of the glaring physical and psychological signs that I need to go on a luxury vacation.

Staying in the Austin or Cedar Park area for vacation or weekend getaways is easier than you thought, and what a wonderful way to cool down during our hot summer months.