It feels like you can’t turn on the TV without hearing someone talking about Facebook, Twitter or blogging. If that all sounds foreign to you, don’t worry, we will catch you up. But how can all these fads help your business?

Did Knorr achieve their goal to dominate their market? Yes. Did they end up creating enormous buzz for the product? Yes. Heck they even created a new income stream (Salt and Pepper shakers). Just because of a little bit (okay a lot) of personality.

Shopping for the phone can be challenging. A smartphone can be expensive, especially if you’re not buying a new phone plan. If you plan it right, you can save several hundred dollars by getting your new phone when it’s time to sign a new contract. Otherwise you could be paying $400 and up, out of pocket.

Tracy Walker shared plenty of free blogging strategies on the call. She pointed out the point of a blog is to offer value for others. Once, you have value people will be willing to join your list. Then, when on your list you can follow up with your prospects. She blogs in such a powerful way that some people feel comfortable to sign up on her team before she gets a chance to call them. Tracy Walker is a great example of proving people wrong that relationships can be built online and network marketing really does work.

Yes, absolutely! Facebook has over 700 million fans and counting. This is advertizing for you that is totally free, so you cannot afford to pass this up. Successful authors know this, especially indie authors that are trying to build a fan following. Again, Socialreseller for authors is not easy, but with a little time devoted to your page, you can build a great following. And this following will spread the word about you and your books.

You must understand that the odds of a job applicant successfully suing a company are extremely low and our court system has to be 150% convinced to even hear the case, let alone award damages.

PETE: I really don’t know. It’s cool to see that people have adopted it and get some benefit from it, but I don’t pay attention to who or how many people are following it. Having a centralized Twitter account that people can follow for this information is helpful; when you receive a tweet from KcTrailsStatus, you know what it’s going to be about. There’s no extraneous “noise” coming from it.

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