While there are many different kinds of RC vehicles, electric RC cars are becoming more and more popular with good reason. While there are nitro and gas powered RC vehicles, there are some drawbacks to these that you don’t find in electric RC cars. One of them of course is the fact the fuel engine RC’s use petroleum products, which pollute the environment, no matter how small their emissions might be. Anyone who is environmentally conscious will like the fact that electric models don’t pollute the air.

But seriously, light the incense and slowly make your way around the inside of the house. Hold the incense near windows, doors, electric outlets and fixtures (including the ceiling fixtures), along baseboards and crown moldings.

Stumped for a gift idea? Give Dad a gift basket filled with wine accessories like wine stoppers, wine totes, wine labels and a wine journal. For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, there’s the Wine Enhancer, which uses a special technology to make wine smoother and brighter, and improve the drinkability of young wines.

With the advent of Web 2.0 features like videos, VoIP, streaming TV and other “must-haves,” the web will only expand the demand for more and more electricity.

These are shiny reflective barriers that can be added to attics or floors to reflect and repel additional heat from your home. It has been shown that these barriers can reduce your home electric cooler for cars bills by twenty percent.

Experts suggest that energy consumption by web hosts will continue to double every five years and studies show these web pros are actually being conservative. Some “green” bloggers suggest the amount of electricity consumed by web hosts will double every 30 months.

Cool boxes are at their best when they are full, so before you leave for your trip get some empty pop bottles then fill with water and freeze. Use them to fill up any spare space in the cool box. So not only will you have nice cold fresh water to drink it will ensure your box is kept at its coolest for the longest period of time.