[A] large fight broke out on the sidewalk in front of Skateland at E. 112th and Kinsman. A teenager who was inside Skateland with some friends ran toward the fight for an unknown reason. A person who was outside the skating rink pulled out a gun and shot the teen in the chest. The teen was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center by Cleveland EMS and died a short time later.

If you’ve never heard of Are You Being Served Carry Permit Online School then you’re sitting there and shaking your head at this selection. However, if you’ve watched the show and know the characters then you already have tears in your eyes from laughter as the whole episode is now playing in your minds eye.

Whether you are following your nose, a map, or a GPS, you can end up in a “No Trespassing” area. Many have followed what appeared to be a public path and ended up in a gated community, facing security guards.

When your pinecones are dry, paint them with Elmer’s glue. Make sure to cover all areas with the glue before gently shaking glitter over these. Allow them to sit and dry completely.

My children went through Head Start twelve to seventeen years ago. They created these pinecones, as Christmas decorations for us parents. I still hang them on my Carrytn now, and they hold many memories.

Friday, November 19th from 5:00 p.m. — 7:00 p.m. at Central Place on the Downtown Mall, there will be what’s called the Grand Illumination. The big event is the lighting of the Christmas tree and mall-length holiday lights, which will take place at 6:00 p.m but there are other activities scheduled. The kids will have so much fun!

All Thai banks permit opening an account with a minimum deposit of 500 baht. Upon opening an account you will be issued a passbook. The ATM card is called Visa Electron. There is a fee for the Visa Electron card. Most banks charge 200 to 300 baht for it. When it expires, the banks charge a fee for renewal, usually 100 baht. Banks that offer interest to a foreigner’s savings account usually offer only a very low interest rate.

We must demand they treat us with the respect all law abiding citizens deserve. We must hold them accountable for their actions. It’s time for new blood and traditional ideas in positions of power across the great state of Alabama. It begins with “We the People” rising to the challenge and taking the first step. Are you up to the challenge Alabama?