Big business and big fees. It’s a common perception of accountants, particularly if you watch Hollywood movies, but how about smaller businesses. Are there any benefits to investing in the services of an accountant if you run something like a local shop or service company?

Which style would your readers prefer you to write in? Perhaps you think, well my “more retail clients” (the proverbial mums and dads) would like a clearer and plainer style. But that style would be no good for my commercial clients.

Write articles and publish it. Give people advice on how your services could benefit them. What is that you have to offer that will make their lives easier. Write about it.

So, in the first year, your bank account went down by the cost of the car ($30,000) and your profits only went down by the depreciation expense of $6,000.

I may still look like an accountant, even the cool dude of accounting, but there is nothing I like more than talking with a business owner about his business. There’s nothing a business owner likes more than discussing his business and planning to make more money. It’s great fun and he loves to pay me for it.

Most Accountants Stratford strive to make their oral communications successful. But too often they write in a style that suggests they are concerned to make their writing “sound like an accountant”.

Most accounting firms will send out an annual tax preparation booklet designed to answer all of the questions necessary to properly file your taxes. It’s frustrating when a customer sets up a 90 minute appointment and brings an empty planner to the meeting. It’s a waste of everyone’s time — and money. Often they have to reschedule the appointment and charge an extra fee.

While it may not be considered part of the Income Tax Act, there are some unwritten rules when it comes to this time of the year for accountants. No weddings or births should be planned during this time. And needless to say, no one would want their birthday during this hectic period.