Microsoft Powerpoint is what I consider the most powerful presentation tool available on the market and whilst there are competitors, it is pretty obvious that Microsoft Powerpoint ranks as the number one presentation tool in the world. Just look at the number of seminars, lectures or presentations you go to and how many people are using Microsoft PowerPoint, in my experience, about 95% of them. Let me ask you a question though. How many times have you seen the same template, presentation after presentation?

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To apply a template to one slide in PowerPoint, you will need to select that slide in the left panel. Once it is selected, you will need to click the arrow on the design that you want to use. When the menu for that design opens, click the Apply to Selected Slides option. That will apply the template just to the slide you have selected.

Suppose you are searching for a Flu PowerPoint Template. You may find many articles on flu, as flu is a general term used for extremely contagious respiratory infection. There are many kinds of flu like swine flu Free PPT templates Tami flu bird flu and many more. You can refine your search by the software’s search features on internet.

Very good question, the secret to modifying these templates, is to modify the master slide. The master slide controls the look and feel of your presentation so to do that you must first activate the master slide. To do this simply goto the View menu, choose Master from the drop down menu and then choose Slide Master. In the left hand pane you should see two pictures towards the top of your screen just before the toolbars. These two pictures represent your Title Slide Master and the Slide Master used by the main body of your presentation. The Title Slide Master should be open in front of you and this is the one we will modify. Keep in mind that the rules we do for the Title Slide Master also apply to the other slide masters in your presentation.

What you need to do is to modify the drawing objects in this slide so just click on one of the buttons in the slide that is away from the placeholders. What you should notice is that a square object select marker appears. This tells you that all of the elements you see are a group. So to ungroup these objects, right mouse click and from the shortcut menu choose Grouping and then Ungroup.

Animate the presentation. Once you have created the presentation, you’ll want to animate it to keep the viewer’s attention. Have your bullet points fly in from the sides, or your text twirl around before landing upright. Don’t go nuts here — just add enough animation so that the viewer’s eyes don’t glaze over from boredom.

2) Placeholders to text in. A placeholder is a box with dotted borders which is normally a part of most slide layouts. Such boxes hold objects like charts and pictures as well as the title and body text. They prompt people to enter specific information.