If you are considering buying Mexico real estate, one of the first steps is to become familiar with your options. There are many locations throughout Mexico, selling great properties for expat buyers for just about any price range. The following is a little “snap shot” of condos in the Playa del Carmen real estatemarket priced at $150,000 USD.

There is a simple solution that we can offer you. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could buy a wonderful vacation home? It would be like a home away from home, and you can enjoy your annual vacation with your wife and children just whenever you want to. We are talking about the Ocean City condos.. All you need to do is to choose a condo for yourself. Even Jim O’Connor, the famous American anchor, has recently bought a condominium.

Since the island has become so popular in the last few years, the growth in properties has been immense. There are new tall condominiums and rich, expensive homes popping up all over the place. It is no longer the sleepy key of the past, but it still maintains a wonderful relaxed beach atmosphere.

One of the things you need to consider is your budget. Buying a house can be more expensive because of the maintenance and furnishing. There are New York 8 Wellesley Residences that come with complete furnishing. Maintenance is also cheaper and easier as your building administration will take care of everything. Condo buildings in the city also have 24-hour security to ensure the safety of its tenants.

Green areas and Pool – The Villas. There is a beautifully landscaped yard area, and a large shared pool in the middle, with a lounge area shaded with a “palapa” – a thatched roof structure. The condos also have a common area with a pool, which is slightly smaller, a shaded lounge area, but no palapa.

Larger condos can also be purchased but at a higher cost. These larger condos have larger rooms, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and balconies. These are typically located in high rise buildings and offer ocean views or ocean front rooms.

Now, if we move into the actual city of Phoenix, we have some amazing choices there as well. One of these choices is the Bella Terra condos. These condos range from $75,000 to $235,000, so you will find the price that is right for you. The location is also convenient, being right off of Shea Blvd. Another choice in Phoenix is the Carlyle Condominiums. These are right off of 7th street and they have everything you need. This includes a pool and an exercise center, like above, but also so much more. Just like the previous condos, these have a wide range of prices so you can pick what you want to spend. Copper Square is also a great choice, as is Anasazi Village. There are so many choices in the city of Phoenix, that it can be overwhelming.

Before planning your next vacation, keep this information in mind. Do you want to stay in a typical boring hotel, or a nice fancy condominium? The choice is yours. Your money will be well spent if you decide to stay in a nice place overlooking the ocean. You will have a TV, sofa, stereo, WiFi, or whatever it is that you want or need. Of course these condominiums are located near the best attractions of the area. But even if you wanted to stay indoors, the ultimate experience can be found in these fabulous condos for rent!