Toe nail fungus is a very common problem. Fungal infections in general are very common in both finger nails and toe nails. Fungus is really an organism that thrives in dark and damp places and thus finger nail and toe nails are a good place for it to grow. Toe nail fungus is the most common of the two since your toes spend a relatively longer time in the dark than you finger nails.

Many brides choose to wear custom or sandals. It is far more fitting to wear traditional beach shoes, all glammed up of course, than to be walking through the sand in 4 inch high heels. Of course what you wear is up to you but be prepared for the weather and the terrain in whatever is your final choice.

Pick a short dress I am custom flip flops sure you will already have it in your cabinet Pair this with a net over-skirt which is easily available at all shops and does not cost you more than Any flat or heeled pair of shoes will go well with this look. Your million dollar look is ready, and it surely does not cost anything above $30.

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This boot stands 11 inches tall when it is not folded down and looks great when worn over a pair of well-fitting jeans. Whether you are strutting around campus or making your way to the grocery store, this boot will instantly upgrade your daily style points.

For a truly gladiator look in sandals, the Goldie sandal from Klub Nico is a great choice. With long straps that wrap around your ankles in a variety of ways, play up the drama by cascading these straps up your legs to your knees, or keep it subtle by wrapping these low around your ankles. Keep the look casual by wearing these sexy sandals with a romper or a playsuit.

These fitness sandals are great for those people with no time to spare. If you cannot find the time to go to the fitness center to squeeze in a workout, then the WalkStar is an excellent solution. It’s an easy way to tone your legs since all you have to do is put them on and walk. There’s really no downside. They look stylish, help to tone your muscles, burn more calories, and promote overall good health and well being.