The Streamci.dll error is most often related to the streamci.dll file which primarily operates with the default Windows audio driver. Its role in the computer system is to manage the sound and audio processes. Among the many dll files, this one is among those frequently used. These dynamic link library (dll) files are those that are needed to perform specific functions in the computer. At times they become overworked and overused to the point of being damaged. When this happens, errors appear on screen and you will experience malfunctions in the programs or applications. The appearance of this error is an indication that the computer is having problems processing the required contents in the streamci.dll file.

Of course you can also perform manual updates of your driver. This means you’ll have to actually look for and locate the driver yourself. You can always download audio drivers directly from the sound card manufacturer. Most sound card manufacturers offer easy access to drivers on their website. Just look in the “Support” or “Downloads” section of the site.

Streamci.dll is a file used by Windows to control the “default Audio driver” of your system. This basically means that unless you have a third-party update realtek Audio driver installed from the likes of Logitech or Creative, Windows will be using the streamci.dll file to help control all the sounds & audio of your system. Although this file is highly important, it’s also a big cause of errors as it’s continually leading your PC to run much slower and with a lot of errors. If you want to be able to fix this problem, you need to be able to fix the various errors which are causing streamci.dll to be a problem, allowing your PC to run much faster and smoother as a result.

My first thoughts were to find a PC-Card sound card, however PC-Cards appear to be disappearing and when they do exist they are expensive. That’s when I began looking for a USB solution.

This solution is given an easy rating because it does not take any technical skill to change settings. However, changing each setting one at a time and testing and retesting makes this solution very time consuming. For those who have patience, this is a free and (relatively) easy way to find a solution.

Select “Sound, video and game controller”. You can see a list of items below. Check if there is a red cross before an item. A red cross means the item is disabled. All you need to do is right click it and set it as Enable.

On top of these steps, you should then use a “registry cleaner” to fix any of the harmful registry errors that could be causing errors with Cmicnfg.Cpl. The registry is basically a big database which all versions of Windows use to store vital settings for your PC, however, it’s also one of the biggest causes of errors for your system as it’s constantly being damaged & corrupted. In order to make sure this common error is not a major issue, it’s recommended that you download a registry cleaner application and use it to fix the various errors that it has inside.