Following the Minnesota River Valley from I-35W east to Highway 77, the Black Dog unit encompasses 1400 acres of tall grass prairie and calcareous fen. Easy access from two major highways and a flat yet scenic four-mile walk (out and back) makes this a perfect quick hiking getaway.

If you plan to landscape your yard, be sure to do a good amount of research on the best types of mimosa hostilis for your area. Some grasses grown better in warmer regions, while others can survive a tough winter with ease. The same can be true for various bushes and trees.

herbs and spices are another source of antioxidants compounds. Some choices that are especially tasty on pizza are basil, cumin, garlic, rosemary, oregano, and pepper. Don’t forget to sprinkle on some chili peppers and chives for added flavor and nutritional punch. Resist the urge to shake on the salt. Chances are you’re not deficient in sodium.

Be sure to select material that is relevant to your market niche. For example if you run a gardening business, then you’ll need to focus on plant and botany books. There are reputed to be over 85 million books available for use, and many of them will be suited to your particular niche.

St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland is the home of golf. It is hallowed ground or golf Mecca and even the pros, who play there at least once a year, are in awe of it. There are seven courses at St. Andrews, but it is the Old Course that is most revered.

You can begin by purchasing a simple science kit or activity. Science kits usually have an educational angle, but they are packaged as enjoyable activities with a fun spin. Make a trip to the store or do a quick search online and you will find that there is a staggering range of science kits on almost any subject in science.

Now you are ready to plant, nurture, preserve – and label – your garden treasures. And nothing is more personalized than a gift basket filled with bounty from your garden. Sharing your harvest is giving a little love to those who receive your gift basket.