If you missed the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice it probably had something to do with President Obama’s announcement of Osama bin Laden being killed. Many felt this little interruption came in impeccable timing for Obama. The president got the chance to disrupt Donald Trump’s show, following Trump’s pursuit to unearth Obama’s birth certificate.

My oldest son has been in a small school with the same 15 or so kid for 6 years now. Five of these boys, including my own, have birthdays in September. This means we are in the middle of the birthday party and birthday sleepover marathon.

The largest festival in Vancouver is the annual Celebration of Lights Fireworks competition over the waters of English Bay. It’s an amazing spectacle where competing countries light up the night sky showcasing their biggest and best Polenböller.

Have a barbecue: What better way to enjoy this wonderful day than with great food and great friends? Invite your friends, family or neighbors over for a 4th of July barbecue. You can have every attending bring a side dish which makes it more affordable for everyone attending.

Free performance zone and good place to check out all the brigades. The Fancy Brigades must break off and move quickly to the Convention Center for their finale competition.

Epcot Center came on the Disney World scene in 1982. In times past, it was considered to be an adult park, but even now the kids that walk through this theme park can have a blast. One of the things that cater to the youngsters are the kidcot stations that you can find at every venue. Children are able to create free souvenirs to take home with them. You can also find Disney characters throughout Epcot Center. This theme park consists of two main areas, World Showcase and Future World. Spaceship Earth traces the history of communication.

As medical practitioners always say, an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. Avoid places with loud sounds such as music concerts or industrial workplaces. If these cannot be avoided, try using earmuffs and earplugs to reduce the noise level. Research online to see what causes ears to ring so you can be properly educated and avoid longer term exposure and possible permanent damage.