Flapper dresses are surprisingly popular considering the fact that they have been out of style for almost 90 years. Still they make great costumes, especially for groups, and plays from the time period are also very popular. My daughter was recently in a play called Bugsy Malone Jr., and we had a bit of a time finding flapper costumes. Eventually we found flapper dresses that we used for costumes in several interesting places.

By the time spring came to Alaska we had enough stuff for a killer garage sale. We held it for two weekends and things that didn’t sell got hauled to the Salvation Army Dallas thrift store – no saving them for another time. We emptied the largest of the storage units and put the long-term storage items (keepsakes, photo albums, etc.) in a small storage unit.

This can be difficult. If you’re really going to reuse something, I’m not a fan of getting rid of it just because you can get a new one later. That’s the kind of waste you’re trying to avoid. However, if a new one will naturally come into your life later, such as with jars and other food containers you may enjoy reusing, you should limit how many you save to the quantity you’re likely to need soon.

Hand me downs: If you have a large family, handing down clothes is a great way to give your unused clothing new life. It helps your family members save money, especially since children grow so fast. Kids love to get new or different clothes. Searching through each bag to see what’s in there is always exciting, even if they are hand me downs! They are still new to them and that’s cool.

In many Bible stories, people aren’t the only important characters. For example, in the story of Zaccheus, the sycamore tree has an important role too. One of your students may enjoy dressing up a tree and waving his branches in the breeze. Have some brown fabric for the trunk and green leaves available for someone who wants to take this role. In a story like Jesus on the Sea of Galilee or Jonah and the Whale, children can wave a blue sheet to represent the stormy sea.

They only become concerns if these are heavy and unsightly. Make sure to check the focusing motion. This has to be smooth. If not, the lenses might deteriorate sooner rather than later.

These are just a few my husband’s Tidwad Tips. I’m sure you can add your own. Again, I confess there are times when I wished he were more of a spender. Then, again, I’m thankful. At least I’ll always have a roof over my head.