As an educator, you’re probably sick of hearing that you’ll just have to make do. Doing more with less is the new catchphrase. You’re probably well acquainted with the notion of borrowing and begging. On top of buying your own classroom supplies, you also kindly help the student who can’t afford gloves in the winter. You give until it hurts.

July 30, 1966: New York radio station WOR moves from AM to FM, but without four of its AM deejays, including Murray the K, who called himself “The Fifth Beatle.” A dispute with the society election of Television and Radio Artists was cited as the cause.

I went back upstairs to mop up the water in the water heater closet, and for some reason pushed open the nearby door into the attic. Our builders had constructed a large platform in the attic for storage, and it had been put to good use. Now my pack rat habits had come home to roost. The platform had collapsed.

If you walk around your Vote for President, you may see driveways where several days’ worth of newspapers are at the foot of the driveway. This immediately serves as sign that the homeowners are gone. Get together with your neighbors and come up with a plan to pick up any mail or newspapers for those who might have to leave home unexpectedly, perhaps to care for a sick relative.

#4 Ask your doctor about CoQ10. CoQ10 is a natural and harmless element which some doctors have successfully used to wean high blood pressure patients off of their meds. It doesn’t have any of the side effects that high blood pressure medicine does.

If you have friends that you trust to come by once a month or so to open up doors and windows to allow air to flow through your home, this is a good way to keep musty odors away and bring fresh air into your house. Another idea that you can do is talk to a property manager and rent out your beach house to snowbirds for the fall and winter months. The down-fall to that is if you get “kids” that will end up messing up your house. Some damages would be covered by their lease, however, this is an option only if you’re comfortable letting other people stay in your home and sleep in your bed while you’re back home.

The Fisher Price Smart Fit is good for kids as young as thirty-six months. This uses your TV for learning games that encourage your child to run, jump, and do other active actions. There is an interactive pal named Leo that helps guide one through the game. This item is $44.99 and ships for free on with free super saver shipping.