Lasik is a permanent and safe option to get rid of your glasses and contacts. You can contact us for the best and reliable Lasik surgery in Delhi [website:]. We guide you through the process and suggest to you the process that will reap your benefits. Lasik has helped a lot of patients to achieve 20/25 vision or better. Also, it is a very painless process to get clear and stable vision.

Lasik is able to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It is a very effective and safe procedure with affordable Lasik surgery costs in India []. However, the success rate varies from person to person. Lasik has given great results but it does have some side effects. However, these side effects vanish within a month or two. And you can enjoy clear and stable eyesight without any visual aids. To see great results with Lasik you need to consult an eye expert to know if it is suitable for you or not.

Your eye prescription should be stable for more than the past 1 year to go for Lasik surgery. Then, you can consult an eye specialist to examine your eyes for further process. The doctor will check the size of your pupil and the thickness of the cornea. If your eye prescription, size, and thickness of your cornea lie under a specific range then you are a suitable candidate for Lasik eye surgery.

What is the Lasik surgery procedure?

The doctor calculates the amount of tissue to remove from your cornea for your clear vision. Then before surgery, the doctor will numb your eyes by giving you anesthetic eye drops. Numbing your eyes will not make you feel anything during surgery. However, you may feel pressure while the doctor removes the tissue with the help of a high precision excimer laser. The laser will reshape your cornea and the whole process will take around 20 to 30 minutes. So, after reading about the whole process you would now understand the process is very safe and quite painless.

After the process, you should take proper rest for 3 to 4 hours in the hospital. Afterward, you can drive back home with your family member. Do not try to drive by yourself because your eye needs rest while healing. There are a number of things to follow for faster recovery after the surgery.

Risks in Lasik eye surgery: Every surgery comes with a risk and so does Lasik. Although it is very rare to see problems in this surgery that can affect your vision. But you have to make sure that you do not do anything carelessly that can hinder the healing process.

  1. Wear sunglasses or protective shields to avoid direct bright light.
  2. Do not drive for a few weeks, especially at night because it can put a strain on your eyes.
  3. Also, use lubricating eye drops if your eyes feel itchy. Make sure not to rub your eyes as you can damage the flap.