Not all riders are experienced, in fact this is an activity many people will choose when on vacation who have never ridden a horse before. Others ride once a year, or on a few occasions in a year and then there are the regular riders who ride at their local riding schools every week. Experienced riders and Pony Club members are well aware of what to look for when choosing where to ride and checking that the equipment and horse tack is safe.

Squares are a popular and very safe exercise that people do to try their horse in accepting the reins. Keep an eye on your horse’s feet when you are doing this. Begin the process by walking your horse with the reins in your hands. When you turn left, tug on the left rein, essentially you are walking in a box making four turns and helping the horse to understand what you expect from them. Do this four times in each direction so you can utilize both right and left commands.

This game is played just like musical chairs. However, instead of chairs, ground poles are used. The ground poles will be placed parallel to each other, about eight feet apart. This will create what will look like a “parking lot” for horses. Just ensure that there is one less ground pole parking lot than the quantity of players.

Do not opt for a hat that is meant for another sport. Each sport has its own safety codes and the equipment is designed accordingly. Hence it is always better to get a hat for horse riding.

Lay on the floor bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor. Put your arms out to the side bent 90deg at the elbow and your wrist on the floor.

Well in no time at all we both fell off and my neighbor refused to ever get back on a horse. If you have any doubts, concerns, fears or apprehension when you are first starting to ride, you will be able to work through these and overcome them in a controlled environment of a formal riding lesson.

Horse riding is a laid back relaxed activity that does not demand much equipment as compared to other outdoor activities. Most riding gear can come from your closet and be rented out from the outfitter. Apart from the basic skill and knowledge of riding a horse which will be taught to you as soon as you hit the stables, all you really need to remember to pack will be personal items essential to an outdoor activity. Pack lightly, bring only what you need to ensure that the horse will be less tired since you have not added much to its load.

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