Listening to the radio these days, I find it hard to swallow how some songs are even hits. Maybe I’m getting old, but the truth is, songs are starting to sound the same these days within their respective genres. I would love some fresh new material to listen to, but I also have to say that the old standard material is pretty good. That is why I am writing this article.

Depending on the song structure, the listener will then be lead to the chorus. The chorus is the emotional high point of the song. It is a section that is repeated after every verse, about three, four, or maybe more times during the whole song. The chorus sums up the entire theme of the song, and contains one of the most important lines in any contemporary song: the hook. The hook is where most songwriter’s start their process because it communicates the entire point of the song. It is a lot easier to generate ideas around the main idea than to try and complete a It’s Time To Come Together reggae song from beginning to end.

Not so fast. Actually, lyrics are really just a small part of hit songs in general. If you listen to pop music today, lyrics have become trite and meaningless for the most part, so what is the driving force?

One way it does this is with the very catchy nature of the fast, choppy delivery of the bridge melody. You can hear it starting at about 2:15. Aside from the bridge melody in itself being catchy, it also contrasts well against the much longer and more drawn out melody used in the rest of the online song.

Once you learn the Power Chord, you can play a lot of punk rock songs from bands such as Green Day, The Ramones, Blink 182, The Offspring… You get the Idea.

In order to try and play a song, you must either have a really good ear or simply look for the tablature of the song you want. On the web there are tabs for just about any song you might think of. Pick one and try and play it, if you stumble on to some chords you haven’t seen so far, research them and practice with them.

Melodically, the verse keeps a natural, conversational flow. Every verse will keep the same melody, allowing for small changes to accommodate the lyric.

There are many song genres like country, where people play two chord songs. Learning the two chord songs is a great way to start with guitar playing. If you can understand the chords and differentiate them by listening to them, you would go a long way in playing guitar successfully.