Many web masters and bloggers want to make cash online, but they don’t know where to start. You see them on forums, asking how they can make money online and if all those money making opportunities are not scams.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple and effective way to make Work from home and get rich. If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing, it is simply selling other people’s products on the internet and getting paid a commission for each sale.

So if you can write fast and write well, you can easily churn out 4-5 articles in an hour. Just sell a package of 15-20 articles for around $15 and you can easily sell 20-30 copies within a day.

I will explain the best way of making cash online and how you can get started very easily. I’d like to show to you a straightforward yet successful money-making method through Google AdSense. AdSense is a product of Google that places advertisements on your Web site that can generate advertising revenue for your Web site. For every ad that’s clicked on, you’ll earn cash online easily some money. If you don’t have a Google AdSense account, apply for it now and place AdSense ads on your web site or blog.

DOMAIN NAME: To make money online, you need a website name commonly known as a domain name. You will inevitably have to come up with your own domain name and spend money to register it, which is on average $10/- per annum.

I’ll tell you this family. YOU WILL BE REJECTED! But the success you’ll achieve is a millions times sweeter if you go through hardships first before succeeding. Once you’ve decided, ACT IMMEDIATELY! Do not allow others or even yourself to hold yourself back! When you start acting, you’d be a step/inch/millimeter closer to your goals, wouldn’t you agree? That being said… it doesn’t matter how small the steps you take, if you take enough small steps, you are sure to reach your destination!

So there you have three easy ways to earn $20 online in one day. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to use these methods either. All of them are legitimate, free, and guaranteed to bring you in a quick $20.