Have your parents or grandparents ever come up to you with tiny baby booties, crib shoes and reminisce your childhood? Yes, most of us have! What is so special about these tiny shoes? They are cute, very lovely, and look good on every baby that wears them.

Online photo contests have become hugely popular with all the new moms surfing the internet and sending in entries for their cute ones. Parents are ready to pay that extra fee as well, just to see their baby on the popular contest sites and let the world know. And the joy to become a winner in once of such contests cannot be just expressed. We all know how moms love to brag about their kids . It is good that there are many such baby photo contest sites available these days.

A Free Cute Baby Contest shower invitation idea is to create some that are in the shape of an old time claw foot bathtub shower. You can usually find these, or something similar at your local craft shop in the scrap booking aisle. Decorate each one, by tucking little babies into each of the tubs, adorning them with yellow and blue ribbons that looked to be tied to the shower head of the bathtub.

When you have a Cute Baby Contest you feel tied up in the house and need to go out in the fresh air, see people, go shopping and relax from that gloomy indoor atmosphere.

And here’s one more tip from our Video Books for your Baby Shower Cake: If you make the petit fours with poured fondant, store in a covered cardboard box in a cool dry place such as an air-conditioned room, or if they contain perishable fillings, in the refrigerator.

If you’re interested in something more unique, consider planning the party around a holiday, a season, or an event. For example, a child who is going to be born around Independence Day might get a Fourth of July theme with red, white, and blue decorations, picnic style refreshments, and a backyard fireworks display for entertainment. Make sure you choose a theme for your shower that can be carried on through all of your preparations.

Following these few simple guidelines will definitely increase your chances of winning online baby photo contests. It will also take some of the stress out of the process, make it more fun and hopefully even rewarding.