Ever wonder why some Internet entrepreneurs are making money in this tough economy while others are struggling? Pretty simple, at least in theory. By creating multiple revenue streams, no matter how small they may seem, you minimize your risk of being affected in a bad economy. And wouldn’t it be nice if you had many different businesses setup and in place that generate income? Because job security is hard to find, it is more important than ever to generate multiple revenue streams in order to build financial stability. The only way to guarantee a little bit of stability is to take matters into your own hands and setup a business – or two!

Your voice will attract the type of people who would like to work with you and follow you. If your voice puts them off, chances are VERY GOOD that these people WOULD NOT end up being successful PAYING clients or customers for YOU anyway.

Although you are creating a brand of YOURSELF, you also NEED to create a brand NAME that can be used to further define who you are and where you are going. Next you want to create a catchy tagline that further compliments who you are, what your strategic goals are, what you offer to the marketplace and your personality. Again, this is going to require A LOT of thought on your part!

Do not make this too busy or distracting. You may decide to use a solid color or a muted large image. Maybe you have a logo that you would like to use as your major brand image. Maybe you are looking for a group of images that convey who you are and what you stand for. This is a HUGE decision and should cheap panel not be taken lightly. This background will FOLLOW you ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE that you have the ability to customize the background.

Even the scam artists work like dogs to feverishly come up with devious plans, setting up websites, re-writing and reselling the reseller’s information.

Another thing you should do is to get a reliable client base built up when you start. Try to lure friends and family into your base, as they will prove less likely to desert you quickly. Also look into providing your clients with perks that will make them inclined to stay with you.

Promoting yourself to make people aware of what you provide is a necessary thing to do. Sign up to a forum which is frequented by web developers, as they may decide to bring some business your way. Also make use of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, which should provide you with good visibility.

Making money online and creating multiple revenue streams is not difficult, if you have the time and the drive to work at it every day. In time, you can build a successful revenue stream by following the previous ten tips. You can do one or all of the above. It might seem a little intimidating in the beginning, but as you begin to build your web site or blog with a web hosting provider, the different ways of which to build multiple revenue streams will come into play. As your web site establishes a following of consistent visitors, you will notice that your revenue streams will become more successful.